Living by Robertson complaints procedure

Keeping our customers happy drives everything that we do, so if you have a problem, we want to fix it.

Our goal is always to deliver to the standard you expect and deserve. Our hard working staff endeavour to make each stage of your process as smooth and efficient as possible.

Should you have any queries or issues, please do not hesitate in getting in touch with us.

Any complaints will be passed to the appropriate individual within Living by Robertson, who will have the suitable knowledge and knowhow to deal with your issue as is necessary.

Our customer complaints procedure exists to move things through as swiftly as possible, rectifying any issue you may experience.

When providing details of a complaint in writing to us, please include;

Where to send your complaint


Sales Manager, Roberta Macphee –



Sales Manager, Roberta Macphee –

Health & Safety

If you feel that your complaint has not been dealt with as expected after following the above procedure, you have the right escalate to one of the following:

Terms and conditions for managing a complaint

  1. We will acknowledge receipt of your complaint, in writing, by email within 2 working days.
  2. Within 10 calendar days of complaint, we will:
    1. Provide you with a written path to resolution outlining how we propose to investigate the complaint, which may also include our decision not to take any further action.
    2. Advise if the complaint may be subject to a resolution service, provided by the New Homes Warranty Provider, if you are not satisied with the outcome.
    3. Supply an address and telephone number of your relevant contact at this time.
  3. Our endeavour is to close out all enquiries in a timely manner, wherever a resolution has been reached, we will issue a closing out letter/email to confirm what action has been taken.
  4. If further investigation is required, we will issue a complaint assessment and response letter no later than 30 calendar days from the complaint initiation date. The letter will include:
    1. An estimated timeframe for reaching a decision, including a brief explanation as to what further steps are required and why
    2. Where there is more than one complaint, we will identify and report upon each one separately
    3. Where the complaint is not resolved, but any remediation works is accepted, we will provide a detail on what the agreed work will be and a timescale for the works to be completed
    4. In relation to point c above, a further update will be provided within 28 days and will make clear who is managing the complaint
    5. Where a complaint is not upheld, we will provide a clear explanation for the decision
    6. We will provide information relating to applicable resolution services provided by the Warranty Provider, where required
    7. We will provide information on how to refer matters to the New Homes Ombudsman
  5. If for any reason the complaint is not closed out 8 weeks from initiation, the letter sent will provide:
    1. What action has been taken to date
    2. Clear detail of what remains outstanding and the reason for this, as well as the actions to be taken
    3. An indicative timescale to reach resolution
    4. A weekly summary including progression and steps to resolve
  6. For every complaint, we will provide a closure letter/email to include:
    1. A list of any items agreed from the initiation of the complaint, including the complaint assessment and response letters
    2. Confirmation that each item has been resolved
    3. Information about how to refer matters to the New Homes Ombudsman, if you are not satisfied with the outcome
  7. This policy has been adopted to comply with the New Homes Quality Code. Your normal legal rights are not affected by this policy or the procedures contained within it.