The advantages of downsizing

Research apparently suggests that 64 is the best age to downsize but whatever the right age, there are times in life when bigger isn’t necessarily better.

The idea of moving into a two bedroom apartment when you’re used to a four bedroom villa with integral garage may seem daunting but for many, choosing to downsize is the best decision they ever made.

There are many benefits to moving into an apartment; not least the community you get at a development such as Quayside. It’s comforting to know you have neighbours in the same block who may become friends, fellow cinema go-ers or dinner buddies, if that’s what you fancy. Or, you can use the apartment as a secure bolthole while you spend winters in the sun. The choice is yours.

The potential

Moving into a brand, new home at any age offers a chance for a fresh start, with a blank canvas for a new lifestyle. It’s a great opportunity to create that calm and serene, neutral bedroom you’ve always wanted, or to add a dramatic feature wall in your favourite colour. Throw caution to the wind and take your furniture to the charity shop if it feels right, and adopt a Zen, minimalist look. This is your home and it can be as you like it.

This could be a great time to de-junk and move with just the things you love, – ask Marie Kondo. In a more bijoux apartment, done up just to your liking, you’ll also save time on pushing a hoover or a lawn mower.

The financials

The main reason that many people choose to downsize, is to free up equity to enjoy life more. If you are already mortgage free then you might have a job on your hands to work out what to do with that windfall.

Hint one; don’t tell the kids.

Running a modern apartment will be more cost effective, with lower utility bills and maintenance costs. You COULD use this largesse to take up a new hobby; salsa perhaps? Or Greek island hopping?

Hint two; don’t tell the kids that either. Just send them a digital postcard to let them know you’re happy.

At Quayside, you could take up snowboarding or skiing, or become a film buff at the cinema which is walking distance away at Soar, Braehead. There are many restaurant choices too – and some of the best shopping in Scotland if you plan to become a Snowbird and winter in Florida.

Hint three; you’re never too old to learn a new hobby, especially one as exhilarating as skiing.

Decision time

Making the decision to move home is one of the biggest decisions at any stage of life, and we know it can be a daunting prospect. But we are here to assist at every stage of the process.

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We couldn’t be happier about our experience with the sales team and the site team. They made sure it was a smooth transition into our new home.

Mrs R, Quayside at Ferry Village

We are over the moon and impressed with the quality, Quayside is perfect for us.

Mr F, Quayside at Ferry Village

I love the open plan layout of my Barcelona style apartment. It’s perfect for entertaining.

Miss R, Quayside at Ferry Village