What’s in a name?

Living by Robertson launches Castle Meadows in Stirling

You might think that housebuilders choose development and street names like some kind of random word bingo – but you’d be wrong. We put huge amounts of thought into choosing the name “Castle Meadows” for our second development, launching soon in Stirling.

The first thing of course is that it has to mean something.

“Castle” refers to the fact that our development of new homes and apartments is in the lee of historic Stirling Castle; with views that might cause stray American tourists to knock on the door just to look out the windows.

“Meadows” refers to the fact that it’s in a lovely, green setting below lush hills and within easy distance of a range of walks and outdoors pursuits.

The names of our new home styles are also deliberately chosen to honour the great Clan names and fine Scottish families who may have graced the table in Stirling Castle over the centuries. If you are a Cameron or a Forbes, a Kennedy, Lindsay or a Maclellan then you have a house style named after you.

These are only a selection and you can find out more here.

This is just one aspect of the huge planning process which goes into creating a brand new community; like the mix of properties available. At Castle Meadows, we will be able to offer everything from 1 and 2 bedroom apartments, to 2,3 and four bedroom homes. This means the new community will be very diverse and has something to offer everyone, from first time buyers to downsizers.

That brings its own challenges of course since each buyer is individual and has their own tastes, so we work extensively with architects and interiors specialists to devise the right balance between space and price, and between living area and bedroom size for example, to ensure we deliver the best homes in their class.

Little things, like extra cupboards and a choice of open plan or separate kitchens help us achieve our goal of making people buy not just an investment but a home they will love to live in, and in which they can live lives to the full.

Before we even buy into a site, we scope out the availability of local transport and of local amenities like schools for those with families. We also work out the mix of demographics which will make up the new community, to make sure we are speaking to the right people and creating opportunities which will mean something to them.

Being a thoughtful housebuilder is about so much more than digging foundations and laying bricks. It’s laying the foundations for people’s lives.

At Living by Robertson, we never, ever lose sight of that.

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What our customers say

We couldn’t be happier about our experience with the sales team and the site team. They made sure it was a smooth transition into our new home.

Mrs R, Quayside at Ferry Village

We are over the moon and impressed with the quality, Quayside is perfect for us.

Mr F, Quayside at Ferry Village

I love the open plan layout of my Barcelona style apartment. It’s perfect for entertaining.

Miss R, Quayside at Ferry Village