Decorating a brand new home at Christmas

You’ve moved into a fabulous new home this year and can’t wait to see it decked in festive finery but here are a few hints to help get it right.

The temptation might be to ditch everything you may have owned before and buy everything new at once. But Christmas is a sentimental time. Hang onto granny’s place markers or mum’s favourite bauble as they may mean even more in future years.

Don’t throw out perfectly good decorations. If there is stuff you are tired of, consider donating it to a charity shop as early in the festive period as possible. One person’s junk is another’s vintage treasure.

Only buy everything matching if you can afford to change the style often. Slavishly following fashion can be tempting but single-colour decorations date. It might be best to mix n match so you can change the look each year without having to start from scratch.

Think seriously about storage. Unless you have loft access or use a lock-up, that 7 foot artificial tree will take up a lot of room for eleven months of the year. Ditto for seventeen boxes of Christmas ornaments.

Real trees are “green” in more ways than one. Foresters tell us that Christmas trees grown in the UK as a crop deliver climate and air quality advantage AND can be chipped and composted afterwards. Artificial trees are much worse for the environment.

Don’t pin cards individually to the wall (or woodwork). Our plasterers asked for this one to be included. They work so hard to deliver smooth surfaces for decorating, they tell us it breaks their hearts to see a wall pockmarked with holes after Christmas.

DO choose decorations that reflect your own personality and life stage. That means, if you have a crush on Elsa and want everything “Frozen”, without a kid in sight to justify it, fill your boots. This is your Christmas and nobody can tell you how it should be done.

Health and safety is all. Please read all individual instruction leaflets and never leave decorations running overnight unless you know it’s safe to do so. You know too to never leave a candle burning unattended. Even if they are in jars, always put candles on a heatproof mat or you might end up with scorch marks.

Most important of all however, make time to enjoy a first Christmas in your lovely new home. There’s no time like it.

Wishing you a very happy Christmas from all of us at Living by Robertson.

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What our customers say

We couldn’t be happier about our experience with the sales team and the site team. They made sure it was a smooth transition into our new home.

Mrs R, Quayside at Ferry Village

We are over the moon and impressed with the quality, Quayside is perfect for us.

Mr F, Quayside at Ferry Village

I love the open plan layout of my Barcelona style apartment. It’s perfect for entertaining.

Miss R, Quayside at Ferry Village