Close your eyes and imagine a brand new home….

In these testing times, buying a new home doesn’t make it far up the pecking order of importance…not least since you cannot get out to see our tempting new developments or showhomes.

However, people are still in love and wanting to be together; families and kids are still growing; people are retiring and downsizing; – all of those need different homes for changing circumstances.

Life as we knew it is on hold, but we can still dream, so close your eyes and come on a journey within your imagination.


Firstly, think about where you’d really like to live.

That might be in a buzzing community like Leith, where café culture and cosmopolitan, independent stores are Once again) buzzing with life. (see more)

Or it might be in the lee of historic Stirling castle, with fresh breezes blowing off the surrounding hills (see more)

We haven’t had time yet to launch our latest offering of new house types in the Jewel area of Edinburgh; a small development of new homes with bags of character, just 2 and a half miles from Musselburgh station. (see more)

Or if your heart is more in the West, how about a lovely apartment on the banks of the Clyde, near all the amenities of Braehead?  (see more)


Then think about what you will do with your décor.

You might get onto Pinterest and decide you are a neutrals person. This year’s accent colours were pink and Kingfisher blue, apparently, – but maybe you prefer yellow?

Maybe you want to do your entire home out in team colours (Hint; this probably means you will be living alone), or in a frou-frou confection of ruffles and feathers (Ditto earlier comment).

This is your space, and that of those you love – create it in any way you wish. This is what home-ownership means.


Then think how you want to live.

Are you an outdoors person, seeking access to cycle paths and gyms nearby?

Our targeted demographic is very much younger people and first proper home buyers, as well as downsizers enjoying their second lease of life and leisure. That’s why we make sure the amenities accessible from our locations are second to none.

Whether you are an eco-warrior or a non-driver, we also prioritise availability of transport, Even dreamers need to earn a living.

Do great schools and nurseries feature in your future? We’ve got it covered.


And don’t let lack of knowledge get in the way of the dream.

You may be one of many just now with more time than you are used to, so why not use it to see if your dream could be real? Mortgage advisers are still working from home, and our friendly team would be happy to talk you through things like the Government’s First Home Fund (see more). These are things which could help turn the dream into a reality, perhaps sooner than you think.

Think it over. You have nothing to lose by giving the Living by Robertson team a call on 0845 0509114 or by checking out possibilities online (more here).

By the way, if you are tempted by the 3 and 4 bedroom properties at The Jewel, Edinburgh coming soon, sign up here, to be one of the first to receive details and any special, launch incentives.

Prices have not yet been released but we promise they may cost a lot less than you think.

Give us a call. This is the point that dreams can come true.


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What our customers say

We couldn’t be happier about our experience with the sales team and the site team. They made sure it was a smooth transition into our new home.

Mrs R, Quayside at Ferry Village

We are over the moon and impressed with the quality, Quayside is perfect for us.

Mr F, Quayside at Ferry Village

I love the open plan layout of my Barcelona style apartment. It’s perfect for entertaining.

Miss R, Quayside at Ferry Village